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To deal with every gig, job, recording and any kind of playing in your bass journey, you are going to be well equipped with lots of essential basic stuffs in the coming 1.5 years, including hands pose, fingers touching, note value, beats, octave, shuffle and triplet rhythm, musical signs, arpeggios, scale and around 20-30 beginner bass songs!



 Beginner  Level

Then, you will learn different crucial genres in nowadays western music, namely Blues, funk, rock and metal. You will understand common forms, tones, dynamics and other characteristics of those genres and their influential sub-genres. Of course, you need to learn some typical tunes of different genres in this stage. Besides, you will study fundamental music theories such as key signatures, circle of 5th and chord intervals for future learning and Grade 5 exam.


 Novice Level

(Grade 1 TO 5)


Intermediate is not that easy and many guys quit or get stuck at this stage! I will help you to develop your skills, techniques and knowledge you’ve learnt in the primary stage to a new level. As experience accrual, you will get used to play tightly, accurately and tunefully.


You are going to learn a number of new techniques, covering slapping, tapping, string crossing, double-stop, bass chord, harmonic, etc. You need to go through particular exercises such as “Flea’s style slapping”, “Larry Graham’s style slapping”, Jamiroquai style funk groove, Tommy Shannon’s Blues Rock bassline, etc. As usual, you will be playing lots of tunes related to the above mentioned stuffs. Apart from physical techniques, you also need to keep an eye on your inner time feel, dynamics and tone when playing.    


In common with many intermediate bass players on this planet, you have to learn a bunch of indispensable music theories, for instance, modes, diatonic chord progression, extended chord, etc. You will easily perform very well in Grade 8 exam if you could master the above mentioned things.

中級程度課堂所學的東西並不簡單,很多人在這階段選擇放棄! 如您決定堅持,您將會學到更多彈奏技巧、技術和知識,隨經驗累積,您將會有能力精準及悅耳地彈奏。您將會學到拍線、和弦、泛音等等的技巧。另外,您將會主題性地探究不同著名低音結他手的作品及其風格,並會學習大批歌曲以實踐所學。同時,您將會學到更艱深的樂理。如您在這階段能掌握所學,可輕易於8級考試中得到佳績。

 Intermediate Level

 (Grade 5 to 7)

You will definitely feel like you’ve found countless buried treasure if you’ve reached this stage.

You will start following giants step by deep studying in a wide range of masters’ works, for example, dense slapping bassline of Marcus Miller, Mark King and Larry Graham, James Jamerson’s one finger technique and Pino Palladino’s famous bassline. You will also start enjoying the art of walking bassline from hand position and touching to habitually practice to uncommon approaches. For techniques, double thump, palm-muting, and many more!


In addition, we will spend countless hours to talk about modulation, altered chord and scale, diminished scale, chord substitution and the application of harmonic minor and melodic minor. Last but not least, you have to call back the knowledge in your memory and mix all you’ve learnt before together In order to improvise and compose in this stage!

進入這個階段,就如成功尋獲寶藏。您將會深入及大量地研習不同低音結他大師的傑作。同時您將學習彈奏walking bass,包括手法及各種章法,並學到各高階程度的彈奏技術。 另外,你還會學到更艱深的樂理及其應用,如和弦替換、轉調等。最後,您必須有能力把早前所學融會貫通,再學習作曲、編曲及即興彈奏。

 Advanced Level

(Grade 8 or above)

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