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Give Me The Night

A musical recomposition of George Benson's classic hit, featuring Sam Po(E.Gtr), Terry Tong(A.Gtr), Kingston Lo(Keys), Dickson Kui(Dr), Dickson Kwok(Sax) & Kin Leung(Dizi), bringing you a refreshing & smooth vibe.

Give Me The Night Jazz Fusion

Go For It

An energetic & interesting tune that pushes boundaries in instrumentation, featuring Kin Leung(Dida), Kingston Lo(Keys), KK Keung(E.Gtr), Dickson Kui(Dr), Dickson Kwok(Sax) & Terry Tong(A.Gtr). 

T-Square Jazz Fusion Formula 1

Omens Of Love

A tribute to Mr. Hirotaka Izumi. This version gives a feeling of 80s Japanese anime theme song that have catchy melodies and forcefully played rhythms. This tune features Karlhos Misajel(Sax), Vince Lui(Keys), Chi Ho Hui(E.Gtr) & Zenith Yam(Dr).  

Love Artwork Omens Of Love


"Crossfire" is originally from virtuoso David Sanborn's 16th album "Up front", released in 1992. Jon's version is more futuristic and rocky. The mix brings you a lively & punchy vibe like a live band recording. Featuring Dickson Kui(Dr), KK Keung(E.Gtr), Terry Tong(Keys) & Dickson Kwok(Sax).

Crossfire Jazz Fusion David Sanborn

Bahia Funk

Ritenour's "Bahia Funk" is simply amazing. I was so into the melody lines and I tried to put my thoughts into a piece of music. It's a familiar but different tune, with a bit more of modern textures, spaces for improvised melodies and more energetic than you expected. Featuring KK Keung(E.Gtr), Terry Tong(A.Gtr), Kingston Lo(Keys), Dickson Kui(Dr) & Dickson Kwok(Sax).

BAHIA FUNK Jazz Fusion

Rio Funk

Rearranged version of this all-time classic. It includes exotic grooves and amazing improvised solos that refresh your mind. Featuring Sanpond(Sax), Sophia Trevor(Keys), Guilherme Bittencourt(A.Gtr) & Guilherme Maciel(Dr).

Rio Funk Jazz Hong Kong
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